Waves of Health 2010 Pipeline Medical Conference: Warren Kramer MD (medical director ASP North America), Blake Wylie DO, Frank Merrit MD, Kevin Davison ND, Clayton Everline MD, Leland Dao DO (medical director ASP Hawaii) with Hawaiian Lifeguard and PhD in Hawaiian Surfing Culture, Ian Masterson. Photo: Kristina Everline at Ehukai Beach. This medical education conference enables physicians to learn unique aspects of treating professional and amateur surfers at the infamous Banzai Pipeline during the Pipeline Masters. All proceeds from the conference go directly to underserved medical care. Donate to Waves of Health!

Before training in sports medicine, I co-founded the 501(3)c nonprofit Waves of Health during my residency in Internal Medicine: 

Waves of Health’s mission is to provide modern medical care to underserved communities, to educate healthcare professionals about the medical problems of the developing world and to educate surfers how to take care of themselves and others. Waves of Health is a completely voluntary organization made up of local doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other professionals who volunteer their time and energy to help those less fortunate in underserved communities.

In a time when this specific area of the world is in great need, Waves of Health continues their work aiding the people of the Dominican Republic and Haiti that they started in 2007. Unlike other non-profits that have only begun work in this area since the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Waves of Health has been dedicated to the medical needs of those less fortunate in the area for years. We’d like to document this organization’s mission because they recognize that while populations are greatly affected by natural disasters, ongoing, continuous medical care has a greater impact in the long run than just reactionary aid.

Consistently treating those in need is crucial to the wellbeing and development of a country and has a longer lasting, sustainable effect. Waves of Health has a proven track record for preventative medicine: supplying impoverished areas with routine checkups, daily medical supplies and over the counter drugs to each family it treats. Waves of Health looks forward to not only directly contributing to the global relief effort this year, but continuing their general support for these nations in the years to come.

Waves of Health serves the underserved frontier town of Dajabon, Dominican Republic which borders Haiti. Dajabon is located on the Haitian border 80 miles northeast of Port-au-Prince. In conjunction with local doctors, we provide medical care and supplies to residents from the most impoverished sections within the town and surrounding communities.

To raise awareness for Waves of Health within the surfing community, we hold medical conferences and volunteer as:
Official Physicians for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 



 Please accept our sincere thanks for your generosity in support of The Waves of Health.  Your donation of time and resources is incredibly helpful and has allowed us to move more doctors, supplies and medicine to our clinics that serve the displaced victims of the Haiti earthquake.  The group is currently on the ground in the Dominican Republic and Haiti seeing the victims.  Your assistance will directly benefit the women, men and children that visit our affiliated medical clinics.  The people of Haiti need our help more than ever due to the recent earthquake and we have established ourselves for over 3 years in our location giving 100% of every donated dollar to those in need. You may donate through the home page or through the Waves of Health website.  

Waves of Health teamed up with Quiksilver Travel and Dominican Republic Surf Adventures in 2008 to bring  surfing sports medicine and outreach primary care to to the local population of the Dominican Republic! The resort in Encuentro has been quite helpful in helping us mobilize our supplies and personnel in order to help those in need.


Waves of Health is affiliated with Seton Hall University and the Wilderness Medical Society:


 Each logo is a link to an affiliate publication featuring Waves of Health

The co-founders of the Waves of Health project with the children of Sabana Grande de Boya

Please see the official Waves of Health Website www.thewavesofhealth.org for more information
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